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Traveling so much and the beers that we keep at – I could quite easily have a finger pointed at me for no love to our local, or national brews.

Over the last couple of years things have really come along here at, I could never have believed that we’d be selling the rare American Craft beer, the number of Gueuze and just the number of great quality British brews that we’ve started bringing together.    Over the weekend that I wandered north to hang out with Simon (the Reluctant Scooper) and hunt for Burton IPA, we chewed the fat when it comes to various English Breweries that we love, and I use that word with it’s full meaning.

Simon’s insight into the midland/North scene is something incredible to hear, the number of breweries that are really trying to brew great, experiential brews, with impressive quality.  Spending time with Kelly and Stephano from Thornbridge and Mark Tranter of DarkStar, Justin of Moor Brewing, chatting with Dominic from Marble, Jeff from Lovibonds, Alan at Old Chimneys, Eddie from Gadds, they are as passionate at many of the breweries that I have travelled around afar, they are brewing exciting beers, they are having fun! and they are growing…   Even the new Steel City Brewing, Pete at the Brew Co for opening up to have this guys is such an incredible opportunity  (even that their new beers, 3 of them, are available at Oxford Beer Fest)

I have taken many beers from these breweries to beer events in foreign lands and people have gone nuts for them.  Ok, I am sure to many readers of this I am shouting at the converted, but, seriously it’s a great time for beer, both home and abroad.    I want to say congratulations, to all.

Showcasing the best of our British ales, Laurence one of the cylinders of the engine, who’s really getting into these beers… has put together a case for you all, and it’s an amazing deal – here –  those beers you receive two of, you’ve got one of them FREE!   yes, FREE!    Plus you get one of the very very cool Gadds of Ramsgate glasses.

Buy English Ales here

Hops on Radio 4 too!  See, beer is getting noise!   and the Telegraph this week!

2 thoughts on “beer of these isles…

  1. I’ve just spent the day putting my hand in my pocket and buying beer to put into the hands of people at Nottingham beer fest. What’s better than a beer fest featuring the best of English cask ale? The look on someone’s face when a stranger buys them a superlative balanced beer…

    And I’ve had English brewers practically exploding as they told me about their latest ideas.

    It’s great to try beers from far-flung shores. Just never forget that those beers on your doorstep can be just as exciting.

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