Be afraid, be very afraid…

There are two gentlemen… hell, I bet they have never been called that before…

Take two hop loving beer aficionado’s of absolute life long dedication – something like more than 40,000 beers sampled between them the world over, Dave Unpronounceable, and Gazza Prescott have finally put their money where their mouths are and dived into the art of brewing.

Dave a one time brewer, has from memory had an ambition to get back to brewing and Gazza a long time friend and travelling companion on one of their many beer “scooping” trips has jumped in with him to deliver what they say will be some of the hoppiest beers out!     I have known these two for a good while, there will some fireworks here…   They will be brewing at and under the watchful eye of one of the quietly up and coming breweries in the area, with Pete at  the Brew Co.  If you call yourself a hop head, a beer geek or the like… I am sure you’lk know of these two and I am sure you’ll be hearing loads about their beers!

Congratulations, great effort, brilliant idea and can’t wait to try them!

You can read more here.