over a barrel

barrelBarrel ageing, barrel aged and barrels seem to be one of the most common words being kicked around by the brain cell  in my head.  It’s been a week of barrels…  I can hear those words, kerthonk, kerthonk, repetitively bouncing like the ball being pitched from McQueens hand in the Great Escape…

Barrel ageing, as this illiterate one wrote about some time back here has held more than some interest to me. The technique of adding either early fermenting wort to a barrel, new or old,  or right through to adding near finished beer to barrels previously used to age various spirits or efforts of the vine.   The effects are subtle through to dramatic.

This isn’t a new thing, I suppose every beer was “barrel aged” at a time, when wooden casks were the vessel of choice and availablility.  But, I am not writing about that…

If you’ve taken the time to read the post that I linked to before, there are a few British Brewers emulating the ideas from across the pond.    There are so many Barrel Aged beers coming out it’s hard to keep a track of them all (watch Beermerchants.com around end of September for a surprise) and the idea of taking an already fantastic beer and treating it to some barrel love…

It just got better… it’s got me over a barrel.

three exciting barrel projects…


Take a former CAMRA Winter Beer of the Year,  some Cider Brandy Barrels and some peace and quiet in Somerset – this little mix is Somerset Cider Brandy Barrel Aged Old Freddy Walker.  Now that’s a tongue twister if there is ever one, I hate to think what it will be like trying to say that after a glass. This 7.5% Old Ale is being treated to a 4 week holiday in a couple of local cider brandy distillers barrels.   Justin, owner, brewer and chief hazmat suit wearer has taken the leap and joined the barrel aged party…  in his words, “it smells awesome!”

Fill'er up!

Fill'er up!



#2 and #3... coming soon, I am off fishing for a couple of days.  Have a great weekend!