as seen through a phone


When I scan through the many pictures on my phone, I was a little shocked as to just how many there were of beer stuff.

My EOS20d had a fall earlier in the year, so I can assume that the phone somewhat tried to fill it’s shoes.  You can have a little insight into the stuff that I see, the antics that I get up to (with Angelo in tow), and the great beers that my girlfriend says has spoiled me… hell, she works for a brewery, can I blame her.  Certainly, it’s not the beers that I get in for you at – if you follow us on twitter, I am sure that you’ve seen a few of these…


4 thoughts on “as seen through a phone

  1. I think Phil prefers boobs to moobs :p
    but don’t forget Simon, Duff, Greg, Steve, Justin, Ian and a few others have been involved also…

  2. Yep, this happens to me too. Every month I have to have a ‘clean out’ , which takes a godo hour sometimes!! Some nice shots there, though, mate!!

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