The closest thing to free beer!

freebeerYou’ll have probably noticed the lack of newsletter this month, well past month, considering it’s now September…

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you might have noticed the changes that have been coming thick and fast.   Well, we’ve been migrating quite a few things to larger technologies to best deliver performance for you the beer lover, rather than the technojunky!   As such, we, I, um, kinda, fried something... anyway, details schmetails… YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE, again… This will be the, one of a few but really the best, ways to really keep up to date with the new beers, beer information, and all the other fun things that we works so hard to bring to this newsletter.

Funny, looking back over the 18 or so editions it’s been a fun learning curve.  Just a shame that I hit delete, rather than save!?

I am always open to beer information, events, etc, just please email me in good time to get it on the email.


7 thoughts on “The closest thing to free beer!

  1. This is awesome and all – I just signed up – but where is my Founders beer!? You got me salivating so much I’m damn near about to collapse from dehydration. I know you dudes have loads to do, but any indication on when this new haul might be ready for purchasing? Please?

    • E, I am waiting toooooooo! I am sooo looking forward to the Double Trouble. I know that there is no KBS coming, so forget that one for a wee bit. I expect the bulk of the beer online the 24 hours after delivery. The more random stuff, 36. I think I have some Hoppin’ Frog coming too. I am just stoked to be able to offer Lost Abbey and Port Brewing and some Alesmith!

      • Hoppin’ Frog!? Any Boris the Crusher!? With Founders, any just plain ol’ breakfast stout (not the Kentucky one)? If not, that’s cool. Guess I’ll just have to buy a procure a few more bottles of the Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast while it’s in stock.

        I’m theoretically stoked about the Port/Lost Abbey stuff but – and I’m trying to approach this without being an ass – I have reservations about certain issues brought up on BeerAdvocate and RateBeer re: carbonation.

        (Note: This will be my last question on the subject)
        It’s my birthday on the 13th of September and I was hoping to get a good few beers off yourselves in preparation (the reason I keep hounding you). Bearing in mind I should give about a week for delivery, do you think there’s any chance you’ll have the new beers listed by the end of the upcoming weekend? Again, not trying to be a spastic, just curious for celebratory reasons.

      • RE: Ratebeer and BA comments, speaking to friends, my fears are less than yours. Tbh, some of the barley wines that I have had from over the pond have been, over carbonated to my mind. So, even if Angels share is undercarbonated to a US palate, then I am sure to us, it’s not going to be a disaster.

        My birthday is next Monday, I was hoping to have a bottle of Mikkeller Festival with a few mates – alas, it’s all sold! I don’t like to promise anything re deliveries… as shit can happen. But, we’ll do our best. I haven’t got any Breakfast Stout coming – it’s a tough one to get hold of, very popular in their area.

        Wait and see what Hoppin’Frog!

      • Awesome! Thanks alot for the answers. Much appreciated.

        And, hey, who am I kidding: I’ll be first in line for some of the Angel’s Share.

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