there is one book that you HAVE to buy… this is one excellent book, so much so I got distracted when I was in Westvleteren this week and my beer got warm.


(and big props to Mr Picthall for running to Brazil)

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  1. I actually ordered this off Amazon a while ago and, for whatever reason, they kept telling me my order had been delayed so I just cancelled it out of frustration. Regardless, I’ll pick it up soon.

    On a COMPLETE tangent, do you guys have any plans to stock Nogne beers? It seems bizarre to me that (easily) one of the best breweries in Europe has no representation among the top UK beer websites, which is basically yourselves, BeersOfEurope and (maybe, though not really) BeerHere.
    I can sometimes pick their stuff up from Uto Beer, but I just find it a somewhat strange scenario that no-one online has jumped on to these guys.

  2. Eamonn, I have looked at the those, as well as many others and like yourself I have enjoyed them, thanks for the headsup…

    Currently, we have a ton of new beers coming in next week; a lot of changes are afoot with the site etc -some of these beers are very very hard to get ahold of so, I hope those will distract you for a wee bit! 😉 So, gimme a chance! I have plans in place to get more and more in when the time allows, and importantly the site grows and works best to be able to maintain our quality of service.

    great to hear from you!


    • Mmmmmmmmmmmm…New beer. Yeah, I read that Twitter note about you guys getting Founders and Alesmith stuff in, which I will be all over. Hopefully one or more of the breakfast stouts will be among the Founders’ haul?

      Anyway, incredible work. Roll on next week.

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