The Perfect Beer!

I got a  “have you seen this…” from the girlfriend… I thought it was really good.

yes, it’s nearly my perfect beer.  1, I love Sour. 2, I love sour cherries. 3, I love Pinot Noir.  I will try to find a silly video of us sitting in Russian River this year, drinking way toooo much.

Found this though, please excuse the language.

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Beer!

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  2. Yeah, fantastic beer! So when is Beermerchants going to stock it?

    I think Vinnie and Kris (from De Dolle) need to get together and combine their wizardry into some sort of “supOerbier Reservalication”… now that would be liquid perfection!

    2nd video was.. er… um… very enlightening

      • nah, keep the vid. What? do you think this blog has to be “polished” or something?

        Oooh, is there gossip? I need to know about this “colaborative that I doooooo so hope will come off”

        see you soon

      • Phil, blog’s aren’t places for idle gossip… lol. That’s what beersite forums are for? :-O

        The Collaborative, well….. I have every single part of my anatomy crossed in the hope that all things link up and it happens.

        There is so much happening here at I nearly forgot to book the ferry crossing!?

  3. Goddamn.

    I’d kill to get my hands on some Supplication. I’ve got a bottle of Consecration sitting in my beer cupboard right now, and that sexy little number’s going to be opened (undressed?) in about two weeks on my birthday.
    The only other RR brews I’ve had are Blind Pig and Pliny the Elder, both of which are ridiculously well-made beers.

    Phil, I was the guy on pestering you about Black Damnation a while ago (which I secured the last bottle of – thank Christ). Are you getting any more De Struise beers in soon, and do you have any idea when the next batch of Aardmonik will be released?


    • Consecration, Batch number? 1 was awesome, 2 slightly different… it’s awesome on draft.

      I will see what Urbain is up to soon, I know that they are installing a new brewery, so…. I assume that they are sooo busy.

      The reason for the lack of brewsletter, is that we’ve got a ton of new american brews coming in… I will post a list with links ASAP.
      Do not miss out on the Mikkeller, Gadds, Moor brews that we have in.

      Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

      • Yeah, it’s Batch 1, which I’ve heard has a little more funky tartness than Batch 2 (a major plus in my book).

        Awesome that you’ve got some American stuff coming in soon. I’d like to put in a good order before I disappear into the Irish wilderness for a few months ( I leave mid-to-late September).

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