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The recent Wikio shock, has kinda made me curious as to just how many there are out there and what they are there are loads of ’em now…


Awesome!  Have I missed any?

Beer Blogs


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  1. Thanks for mentioning us. Beer by BART is mostly a transit guide to good beer in the San Francisco area, and secondarily a beer tourism blog, and we love being a part of our local beer blogger group, BABB…

    Related phenomena: The social beer sites from Ratebeer to Beer Advocate to the Aleuminati site and more…
    The forums old and new, originally mainy for homebrewers, but it would be interesting to see a list if it were not so hard to compile one.
    Plus this trend both cracks me up and inspires me: beer photographers and collections of beer photos such as
    and so on. All kinds of socializing, learning, expressing and playing going on.

    Nice to see your wrap-up.

    • Nope, like everyone else on this comment sheet, I have missed you, fallen through the net so to speak! yikes. worse, I have met all those who I’ve missed! and read their blogs regularly!

      Will be adding to the list, asap!

  2. er…hi! Only number 14 on the Wikio rankings but i do try…! and have linked to yourself for ages now!! come on, do keep up !

  3. thanks ^_^
    the beer ambassador blog is much newer than my livejournal account. i have far too much roaming around in my head that i want to organize into thoughts; ideas and musings beyond my beer reviews and i wanted to keep my livejournal strictly for my reviews so the solution was pretty simple:

    make a blog and put my non-review musings there along with creating an open environment for all things beer related.


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