Wot, more beer?

Founded in Lovibonds Brewery in 2005 with a dedication to producing hand crafted ales and lagers using only premium ingredients. They’re producing their beers on a very small scale. “our beers and have been received with enthusiastic reception from beer lovers and they are increasing capacity to make our products available to a wider audience”. Jeff, the owner and brewer, “Our beers are made with the finest ingredients possible. That includes local Maris Otter malted barley and only fresh whole hop flowers. We are committed to quality and don’t filter or pasteurise our beer and never use ‘convenience ingredients’, like hop oils.”

What was interesting to us here at Beermerchants.com was how Jeff embraces and respect brewing traditions and styles from around the world. Bring an worldly palate of flavour to British Brewing and doing it oh so well!   Jeff’s beer do fly under the radar of so many beer lovers, such is life.  I can surely say that we’re pleased to be able to sell his beers;  You’ll know that we’ve been selling the excellent Lovibonds Gold Reserve Wheat Wine recently, slowly people are getting their heads around it, for what is such a delicate yet rich brew! We’ve decided to bring in some more, if the lighter end of Jeff’s efforts. His beers very well loved in the environs of Henley on thames, so we thought it’s about time that more people got to hear about, and importantly taste these excellent brews!

Jeff, Brewer, “Chief Zymurgist”, is a keen and active supporter of the Oxford Homebrew scene, as well as a Brewing Network fan, a bunch of great chaps, who’re doing great things out there in Pacheco.  All in all a great mix, I am sure a brewer, we’ll continue hearing great things from.

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HENLEY GOLD: They craft Henley Gold by combining the freshest British malted wheat and barley, then ferment with a yeast culture from the oldest brewery in the world, giving this beer it’s truly unique character. Being an authentic wheat beer, we serve this beer with the yeast, giving this beer its natural appearance. Excellent in the sun, a super beer! The pint I had yesterday, was loveeeeeeely! Click here to read more

HENLEY AMBER: Henley has long been known for a great pint of bitter.  This 3.4% session ale is no exception.  We use Maris Otter as a base malt with a special blend of roasted malts to give this bitter a complex malt profile.  Generous additions of 3 English hop varieties give this ale exceptional hop character. The amber coloured ale has a good balance of juicy malt and hop character on the nose.  The flavour finishes with a balance of bitterness from roasted barley, leading to a long clean bitterness of English hops. Click here to read more

HENLEY DARK: Henley Dark is inspired by 18th century London Porter and is crafted with a blend of seven different malted barleys including one smoked with local beech wood from the surrounding hills of the Chilterns.  Deep amber with a ruby glow and creamy tan head.  Rich chocolate aroma with a hint of smoke.  Creamy texture combines caramel and chocolate flavours finishing dry with bitterness from the dark malts and hops.  Click here to read more

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