I have no idea who she is...

Wandering around San Francisco, very near Second Street, across the way from the excellent 21st Amendment there is a small recessed park, oval street called “South Park” – this is the home of Twitter, some very cool little cafe/restaurants in a French style and numerous very expensive houses.

I will admit to being quite a fan of the whole tweeting lark, somewhat inspired by one of the owners of 21st Amendment, simply as I rarely get a chance to sit at a PC for some length of time and ‘witter on… (be thankful).  So really twitter sort of fills that gap.  But, what’s that got to do with beer?

There are a lot of people reading this blog now, which I still in some shock over, save for the number of people that arrive here looking for “Goblin Porn”, WTF!   I assume that there must be something of interest here, beyond the GP.  So, for those of you that love real time updates as to what’s arriving, really get your geek on, watch that twitter status for news, pictures and various antics that I try really hard to not get myself into.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter?

  1. nice post – from a fellow homebrewer. I agree that it’s a great foundation for ber knowledge in general. I’ve learned so much more about styles, ingredients and processes since picking up homebrewing. It’s something than anyone interested in beer should pick up, or at least try once with a friend.

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