What’s new, now and here…

light_beerI am always being asked, “What’s next?

We work hard to bring something different to the what beer is available out there, building relationships and getting these amazing beers to you in a right, proper and secure fashion.

We’re moving in some amazing UK brewers beers, they are sort after complex brews that really deserve some love!   Be pleased that these sorts of beers are being brewed in the UK!

So, what’s here now and coming in soon:

  1. Gadds’ – we have a really smart range of Gadds’ beers in now.   Grab’em whilst you can, especially the big brews.
  2. Moor – after much work with Justin, ensuring that the beer you’ll get will be awesome, we’ve got a batch of their excellent Somerland Gold,  Old Freddie Walker, and the ever so awesome JJJ IPA!
  3. will say next week – just remind me to, as I shall be 7000 miles away, but still connected to the web.
  4. will say the following week – as above.
  5. Gueuze/Geuze – I am going gueuze hunting, friday.  – working to bring the best selection of great gueuze to these shores.  Horal would be proud!
  6. and don’t forget the Lovibonds Wheat Wine