Thornbridge Halcyon

Writing this something on the fly, I had a couple of bottles of Thornbridge Halcyon last night, an excellent 7.7% American Hopped Pale Ale. Whether you read this blog for fun, just to keep in touch, or to find out what has on offer – I might suggest do not miss out on this excellent hoppy brew.  I must admit I feel a shade silly writing – “You have to try this…”  but, along with the Bracia, also from this brewery – this is cracking beer!

good hop!

good hop!

This style of beer is few and far between, when produced by an English brewery – and one of growing note – and at £3.80 a bottle a steal!

Better written notes than I can – from the Reluctant Scooperhere I was with a pint of Halcyon. This had been crammed full of extra hops and certainly had a full floral nose complete with itchy hayfevery nosefeel. Sustained alcohol all the way down, tempered by clean citrics. The second pint was finer, the third pint sublime. I was expecting this to be rampant hoppiness and was kindly surprised to find it more than drinkable. If Jaipur is athletic, Halcyon is muscular – and revels in flexing its way down your throat.

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you can read more here at Kelly Ryan’s own blog – The Thornbridge Brewers Blog – of a slightly different Halcyon.

6 thoughts on “Thornbridge Halcyon

  1. Will you have the Alliance Reserve beers available as well? I’ll be in England in a month or two, and it would be convenient to order those along with some of your US beers.

  2. Halcyon is a glorious beer! Haddonsman gets it spot on. I had a pint at the Rake and was moved by it. And Bracia is world class. And the Alliance beers?! Mind-blowing!! Thornbridge rock.

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