Twitter Taste Live



Our good friend over at Reluctant Scooper, the orange hair’d friend he is, is hosting the #ttl – or Twitter Taste Live – where they actually open, taste, consume and tweet notes back and fro about a brew of choice.  Previously, it was Trappist Ales – ably hosted by J Brooks and Stan H-mous. Tonight The Reluctant Scooper is keeping the British End up!

Yes to many this sounds uber geeky, not quite sitting in the pub shooting the S with friends etc. but what the hell, call it educational if you will international web-funneled interactions – rather than just the same four walls.    I am just going to be an active observer, rather than vocal participant.   Should be interesting to see what is said, the language used, and how and who gets along…

A little toast to Bill wouldn’t go amiss?

you can follow what’s happening here = HERE