Triple Rock Sour fest and Brewing Network

Tom Daldorf of the Celebrator

Sunday, 1pm – Berkeley – Triple Rock Brewery, the very same place that I brewed.  A Sour Fest, hosted by brewer extraordinaire Rodger Davis.  A great selection of Belgian and US sour Ales.  Sourced from contacts in the brewing world, pulling strings, to get the Beltheham beers!  A top fest that I can see getting very very big!  especially seeing the size that the Double IPA fest has become in a few years.

I kinda forgot to take some more pics, but memorable brews – Belthleham Framboise, EffinGreat,  and the Green Flash beer Sour Wench.

I did steer away from the Belgians seemed stupid to take the opportunity away from the locals…

Great to hang out with friends too, Steve (AgentSteve) and Steve Altamari – from Valley Brew.

Some how I made it to the Brewing Network show that night too!  despite my taxi driver getting completely lost.

Casa De La Meurte!

The BN Studio


It was great to hang out with these guys, but completely unexpectedly the grabbed me to come sit in as a guest on the show!?!  WTF!   I am a big fan of their humor I will admit, so I was buzzed to hang out with these guys.

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