Our Barrel Ale and Cool People


Anchor barrel aged, yumminess!

Anchor, february 09!!

Just coming back over the pictures of what has been a fairly hectic three days, 5pm time in the UK, and just gone 9am in the US here in California.    I kinda smashed my 20D canon, dropping it from 15′ up a ladder on to flat concrete wasn’t suc a clever idea; so the best of the pics will soley be from the iPhone.

Spent a hazy evening at the Anchor Brewery – where J Brooks, of the Brookston Beer Bulletin cast the first toast.   Then the bottles were opened by after a great open speach by Fritz himself.    Big magnums of the beer poured to all those clamering to get some.   And nicely done too.    It was a blend of the four beers, Liberty, Fog, Steam, and the Porter, aged in their own barrels – from the distillery.

The speach will be available on a podcast download from The Brewing Network.

I think I uploaded the wrong pic, but what the hell...

Tom Daldorf's Ear.

Justin Crosley of the BN getting the audio of Fritz's "giveaway all the secrets" speech

Fritz Himself


5 thoughts on “Our Barrel Ale and Cool People

    • Yup. That was he, at the release of the new Barrel Aged Anchor beer.
      *(a blend of the four main Anchor products – Steam, Fog, Porter and Liberty – all aged in their Protrero Rye Whiskey Barrels)

  1. Ah, now you’ve tagged them, I look like a rare and undiscovered species of idiot genius.

    Now these beers, are any of them bottled? 🙂

    • Brian,

      I am back under the clouds in rainy ol’England. You lucky man with the OBB! Could kill for a glass of Melange#3 or Ballast Point Barrel Aged…

      see you soon!

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