California Update.

Hey all

Finally I get wifi.   I am sat in a local coffee shop, seemingly they, if not many have free wifi with purchase, and such cheap good coffee!  UK coffee stores have a lot to learn, which makes it all the more galling when you go to places like Starbucks in the UK….mmmmm.

SO, between the struggles to get the internet turned on, my US cell phone dying, and my beloved camera taking a spill from a big height all’s well.

The weather has broken here, we had rain last night.   Not rain as we’d know it in the UK, more a light drizzle.  Seemingly that’s sat in place for the next week.   I am just shooting over to the brewery now to go check on the big pale ale that I made at Triple Rock.   Seemingly all went well.  I just hope that I can get a glass near a time when it’s finished fermenting.

I was interviewed for the SF Chronicle yesterday, and the Oakland Tribune on sunday, kinda cool. I really wish that the UK newsprint would be as interested in beer as these guys.

Today, I am mainly catching up with the email situation, and then this the blog, and run some beers to Rodger Davis.

If you’re reading this completely by accident, locally here in the bay area, get your ass to the Sour and Barrel fests at Triple Rock/Jupiter – they will be the two best fests in the bay area!  promise!

It might seem strange to comment on a blog but I am also going to get my haircut at Bobs in hayward.   if you saw this place, it’s like a realllllll live antique, very unusual in the bay area.

SO, SF beer week kicks off on Saturday, or Friday.  I think there is something happening on Friday at Anchor, then the Double IPA fest at the Bistro, Hayward.

See you there.


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