Brewing in california!

Something of a letter from America, i am just sitting in a coffee shop in berkeley, California, waiting to get into the brewery. Surrounded by students, it’s seven am here, three pm in England!

Coffee and cinamon bun fired breakfast, following the superbowl party yesterday. This is still early.

So sat here, waiting to get into the brewery. Triple Rock. It’s on shattuck, the main road through Berkeley, but it’s a brewpub, serving food and beers brewed on site since, I dunno… It’s been here since…

The skies are getting paler, a few more people are coming in, and the tramps are shuffling away from their now stinking door ways.

I expect to mash in around eight am, all being well.

Will take lots of photos and get them up for your breakfast tomorrow!

Enjoy the snow!!



One thought on “Brewing in california!

  1. The snow is great over here but I think I’d rather be where you are!! Just put in a big order, looking forward to trying some of those new American beers. Have a good trip, hopefully we can meet for a beer when you return.

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