Please Recycle!

Sunny day, new year, and a bit of a clean up of dead bottles – and they’ve dumped a recycling bank ten minutes walk from my door in a beach car park… Handy

This picture reminds me of some billboard awareness programme – was it for recycling?

So, please recycle?

couple of moments...

2 thoughts on “Please Recycle!

  1. Hi Phil, great picture!

    Is that your own recycling bin?! There are some awesome beers in there!! It’s such a familiar sight every 2 weeks outside my house (just without so many world renown American bottles) – I always feel kind of bad when it’s pilled so high, but then I look at all the empties and remember the good times I shared with those bottles!

    I see you put a link up to my blog – I’m using a different one now at, that’s where all my beer and food stuff is.


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