If you’re unsure about Lost Abbey or Port Brewing….

Having the opportunity to offer brews, creations from such a seriously good brewery – IN THE UK – has left me a little stunned.  We walk into the back store, where I stash the rare and great, and turn the lights on and see something that I never thought I would see in the UK!   Port and Lost Abbey on the shelves for sale, to anyone in the UK with access to the web!  no travelling to San Diego – although I would whole heartedly recommend it!  Amazing city, great people, and weather like you’ll never see in the UK!  (makes me wonder what I am doing sitting here writing this, on a cold dark night here)

A little side note, is that these beers aren’t available in many of the 50 states… 4 or 5 at best!   Lost Abbey and Port Brewing are both multi award winning, and sought the world over by many beer aficionados .  They are big alcohol, big flavour, but so local to San Diego and simply seriously good beer!    And Tomme Arthur is one of the coolest men in beer!


or, don’t take my word for it… watch this film…

go on, I dare you, you wont regret it!