Podcasts: The Brewing Network

Listening to 5 or more guys sitting in their garage, seemingly, drinking beer from a “Urinal” – a Doctor, a DJ, excellent homebrewers, fuelled by their own efforts – sounds like a recipe for disaster.   Especially when they are in Pacheco, near Oakland/Berkeley in the East Bay California – relevant to someone who lives in Kent, England.   But, no, these guys are a really good listen, a source of brewing info, and damn funny to boot!

Over the last 4 years I have listened to them, heard the program grow from being just that above, to one of the best places to hear the brewers themselves present their beers, what’s happening at their breweries, and interestingly address brewing techniques – much like a chef would when talking of cooking.

Downloaded to your generic portable MP3 player, played through the radio in the car, they provide me with hours of entertainment when confronted with the delights of either the M2/M20 or parked on the M25 – or the road to Gent.

Justin, the host, and JP, Doc, Shu (+Shu Lite), Shat, Beevo, et al, provide beer fuelled humour (humor) – as well as growing wealth of knowledge available for download – to all beer lovers.   Obviously centred around homebrewing, but increasingly the news and reviews are interesting too.  In stark contrast to the distance that they are from here in the UK, they are getting more aware of the global scene, even though they are in beervana – San Francisco California!

More and more people I bump into in this wonderful world of beer are listeners, and relate like college guys to the in jokes – sharing the “did you hear it when!?!?” – I will warn you, this isn’t for everyone – caveat emptor – or in their words – suck it!

oh, I am trying the Microsoft Live Writer tool – so if this looks stupid – blame that!