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Something that we actually try to do, rather than just in the name of “research”, all too easy to do… is that we actually go and spend time at the breweries, with the brewers, trying to understand what they are doing.

To highlight this, or better still to give example – there is a film called “Smart People”, I think I saw it on a plane this year.  Anyway, there is one line that says – “to really understand a great writer, one must truely understand the languaege that is being used“.   I am no literary major, but I took from that with application to beer and brewing – “…one must truely understand it’s (the beer, and brewers) origin”.

So much so, that this year, as a company – we have visted many breweries, spent a great deal of time with the brewers, rather than the sales/marketing people.   (see here –  Belgium.)

Is that a philosophy – that to best present a beer, one must really know the beers origins – are we getting to into it?   It’s understood that beer is intrinsically linked to society through government, taxations, and climate, and geography. So, surely to see the origins, and the local environment is a clearer indicator of what the beer is about, rather than…. the label or the Marketing?

or is that the bleeding obvious?


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  1. I believe it’s vital to get close to the brewing process in order to fully understand it. That’s why I’m off to Thornbridge this week to help brew a beer – to make that connection between the brewer’s initial vision, the physicality of the production process and the pride in their final product.

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