What with Ratebeer.com – going through update issues.    I should just write it here.

I got to the Bay area from Utah late on Tuesday – and died straight away after getting to the house.

Wednesday:  I was up and at’em –  Down to Hayward – Buffalo Bills and Old Joe the Barber.   Buffalo Bills Brewer Joe C was there – and grabbed a small glass of their 20th Aniversary Lager.    Then a lot lighter, having a great mass of curls removed, Joe’s a mean barber – 57 years on the same chair!

Then mooched up the bay to Berkeley to catch up with Rodger, ex of Drakes, to his new tenure at Triple Rock.    It was a nice thing to peer through the glass to see such a familiar face – we last saw each other on their amazing trip around Belgium, 6am at the Cantillon Brewery, after meeting them both in the Bay Area before they left in February.   Claudia’s Kolsh, was a brew at 21Amendment – to mark their departure.

A pint of their Hop o the Rocks – a cask ale!  very pleasant 6.7% IPA – washed down a burger – few beers later, sampling a newer IPA from Rodger – rather than the one of his previous incumbants efforts – was a nice IPA, as yet unamed.   I was treated to a Glass of the coffee stout as well – very very nice stuff.   Think Beer Geek and Peche Mortel.

I then made my way to the San Rafael bridge – when my GPS died!  (in Richmond)  – $220 later I am back on the road to the Napa to meet Ratebeer owner and senior, Joe Tucker…   I eventually found Ratebeer Towers – and kidnapped him to wander around the great beer spots of the area.   First stop – Bear Republic – Second Stop – Russian River – third Flavor –

(detail to follow)

So, in one week I had been to Russian River and Three floyds – West Lakeview Liquors and Ledgers – Triple Rock and Squatters.   Crazy.

Fatique caught me last night – I fell asleep at 6pm – Time Zone hell finally catching up with me!