Insanity, post 2

short version update today – hungover!

Started by heading to West Lakeview Liquors – very very coool store. Kristina, Devon and the guys – impressive place! Great beer selection, if a little sickening, just quite what you can get in the US! Great place, I cannot speak more highly of the store and the guys!

Peice – great pizza, and the beer was good too. The new IPA very impressed. Had my first pint of Gumbalhead, which was hop head delight.

I went sight seeing, down lake shore drive. Then off to the Maproom – wow…. one in one out when I arrive. Really started to feel the time change – an Caffiene had done it’s trick. First up, Struselensis – I know… but, I’d never had it, great sour refresher… if there had a been a lambic/gueuze on draught I would have had that. After that, I had Victory Prima Pils, which was awesome, then to finish off, CASK yes read that CASK – Pride and Joy, from FFF! ok, so it’s never in a million years a “mild”, but certainly a great beer, more hoppy than a hoppy bitter back home!
Their beer list, heavy on some of the beers that I know from the Bay Area, like North Coast, Bear Republic, and many of the Belgians local to me – left me a little spoilt for choice. Not to mention the bottle list, crammed on the space on the rear of the beer list. I never counted, but good 200? My leaving, prompted the thought that it’s very much one of the best bars that I have encountered, even so much as to say it’s the Toronado with windows. Just damn sweaty in there, such is the humidity at the mo.

Today, I am mainly going to be driving to New Glarus, and a near by bottle store… Then back to Chicago, to Sams and Goose Island. I have to get a checkable shipping crate from Sam’s to get this beer to CA, then the UK.

Tomorrow, ROAD TRIP -> Flosmoor, FFF, and then Livery.

Tuesday, no beer day.

Wednesday California!