Beer Insanity Trip!

am just setting off to the US, I shall be everywhere.

I’ll be in West Lakeview Liquors, Maproom, Hopleaf, Peice etc, (chicago – friday sat sun – then to munster Indiana via Flosmoor – sunday/monday?) – if anyone wants to join me, please feel free to shout! I’ll be hiring a car and heading over.

I’ll be then heading to “home” to San Fran, I am just looking for flights now. Again, come say hi! I’ll be over in Berkeley/Walnut Creek, until 29/30th. I will be heading to Antioch to Schooners, and Valley. and 21A, RR, and Bear Rep – as one does on a simple vacation.

I’ll bring a bit of beer from IL/IN to CA but, I shall be bringing some junk from the UK, and Belgium.

I am planning this at 3.28am, I leave in 2 hours.


gatwick -> cincinatti -> chicago -> san francisco -> new york -> gatwick

what am i doing????????????

I am here,

Went out last night in Buffalo Grove, which I were I have stopped with an old friend.

I left Gatwick – supping a £3 pint of Bishops Finger, from Shephed Neame – no comment, ok, it wasn’t thaaaaaaaaat bad.

I had the ubiqitous cold can of Bud for the hell of it on the plane – sleep inducing. I arrived in Kentuky – found a bar, a pint of Sam Adams Summer, $6.

Strolled merrily back to the departure gate, popped on the plane – and fell asleep. And, my god it’s hot here.

I arrived yesterday afternoon, Avis messed my car rental – I now have a rather nice little sports car for a few days, expensive but what the hell.

I went out to Ramms, Big Rock brewing – Red ??? IPA, and Porter, meh. The IPA was ok, best beer of the trip so far.

I went to a local Rib joint, that has 80 taps – FFF Alpha King, 60 minute, 90 minute, and then an old Raspy. Suddenly the trip got goooood. And, the ribs were good too.

So, today, I am gonna head into town, to West Lakeview Liquors, to meet Kristina and Devon, and Peice (MMMMMMM, Pizza), and then Goose Island?? or back out to the burbs… So, if you read this, and wanna meet, call me!! (nine two five, four zero seven, five eight seven eight.)

I guess, I shall be heading out toward west Michigan sunday. FFF, Flosmoor, and if I can make it to Bells, New Holland, and anywhere else I will.

I’ll be leaving here from O’Hare – to Oakland, 4pm Tues. via Utah, Salt Lake City Wednesday, I’ll be in Toronado, evening. 21A for lunch, and via City beer. I’ll probably head over to Concord, to EJ Phairs, and Morebeer Thurs – and probably out to Antioch to Schooners…
Friday – Buffalo Bills, and the Barber shop, and Pacific Bay.

Saturday – RR, BR. Monday and later on, Valley.

I want to get to Alembic, the Trappist, and where ever else. Matt, Dave, Mike, Steve, Steve, Roger, Claudia – hope to see you around.

I leave the bay area, 30th, to NYC, for one night. I’ll be in Barcade, and the Spuyten Duvel…

and home to blight