Old and New

New ideas, old beer, and great fun!

With so much happening it’s difficult to decide where to start, let’s go with the old.

We have a number of 750’s of Liefmans Goudenband – of approximately 15+ years old.  We sampled some last night, yes it was an absolute treat.  Considering the activities at the brewery – this is a great opportunity that will not come around again soon, if ever.   If you want to take it  click here

There is a new prize offering this month – “buy a case – win a case” – for every case you purchase there will be a prize draw at the end of the month, with the chance to win another case.

We’ve also gone social – we have a Facebook group, a Flickr account, and youtube channel.  So, either stop by, say hi, or just have a look. There’ll be Facebook group offers!  We’ll be adding instructional films, visits and anything else we happen to film.

We have had a good look at our packaging, we shall be 100% recycled, and Biodegradable!

We are also helping out with a Macmillan Cancer Nurse fund-raiser over at Yateley in Hampshire – called Stoney and Friends – and it’s just a small way of putting something back into the whole; all for a great cause.  We are donating one bottle of beer for every competitor, as well as a number of cases for prizes. Last year this event raised £250,o00!

Our new trucks have arrived, 3 new Volvo’s – really efficient on fuel with very smart livery and they are the stars of our first YouTube video – here

We have started a cellar of Chimay Grand Cru/Bleu and Orval – with a view to offering vintages of either in time.

As always should you have a question, an idea, a note, we’re always happy to chat.

Happy Drinking…  Phil.

you can email me on Phil@beermerchants.com